We have added many different documentaries that cover a wide variety of topics. Documentaries guide your attention to a specific topic and are often evocative and unsettling. Watch these documentaries with caution and understand that socialism is about combating injustice and inequality. There is always hope in our path towards liberation.

Many of these documentaries are free on YouTube or Tubi, however some are only available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max with paid subscriptions.

People Without Faces

About the revolutionary Zapatistas of Mexico and their political organization.

Hearts and Minds

About the Vietnam War and the atrocities of the war.

Occupy the Movie (Amazon Prime)

About the protests against economic inequality and the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Bernie Blackout

About the media covering the Bernie Sanders campaign only negatively or simply trying to ignore his campaign.

Alt-Right: Age of Rage

About Charlottesville (2017), when the racially motivated "alternative=right" clashed with anti-fascists during the unite the right rally.

13th (Netflix)

Explores racial inequality and the disproportionate amount of African Americans in prison.

I am Not Your Negro

About the Civil Rights Era and leaders such as James Baldwin, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X.

Knock Down the House (Netflix)

Follows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her campaign to become a congresswoman in the house.

Requiem for the American Dream

Noam Chomsky discusses the deliberate concentration of wealth and power in the hands of few.

No Gods No Masters: A History of Anarchism (3 parts)

This documentary exposes the deep and radical history of anarchists and their struggle for a more liberatory society.

The Era of Neo-liberalism (Amazon Prime)

Details the current era of neoliberal policies that are responsible for issues that affect social injustice and economic inequality.

Manufacturing Consent

Exposes the incentives and contradictions of media and points to their failures in creating objective news.

The Communes of Rojava: A Model of Societal Self Direction

This Documentary explores Rojava, a revolutionary commune guided by the concept of democratic confederalism.

Documenting Hate: The New American Nazis

The Atomwaffen Division is a violent white supremacist and terrorist neo-nazi group within America.

Documenting Hate: Charlottesville

Investigates the white supremacists and neo-nazi groups within the unite the right rally in Charlottesville.

Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the Capitol

Footage and explanation of how trump supporters stormed the capitol and took it over.

Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners

Angela Davis was wrongly imprisoned and the world shook to get this scholar and activist out of prison.

The Life of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was an influential abolitionist during slavery, a former slave, and an icon for many abolitionist socialists today.

Slavery by Another Name

After the abolition of slavery, prisons emerge to capture the labor of slaves within the convict leasing system. A system that has been described as "worse than slavery".

Whose Streets (Netflix)

After 18-year old Michael brown was killed, Ferguson was restless and communities organized in protest of his murder by police.

Immigration Nation (Netflix)

This miniseries exposes the inhumane way that ICE and border patrol treat immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

The Jim Crow Museum

This museum collects historical artifacts, that provide a material view of anti-blackness, racial hierarchy, and the denigration of black people in America.

Takeover: How We Occupied a Hospital and Changed Public Health Care

The Young Lords was a latino civil rights organization and took over a hospital and changed healthcare policy.

The Cuba Libre Story (Netflix)

Cuba has a history of conquest and colonization. This documentary follows through the history of Cuba pre and post revolution.

The Janes (HBO Max)

Before Roe v. Wade, female activists built an underground network for women with unwanted pregnancies and provided them with low cost, and sometimes even free illegal abortions.

The Feminist on Cellblock Y

Richie Reseda is an inmate in an all male prison in California that organizes around feminism and toxic masculinity with his fellow inmates.

Q: Into the Storm (HBO Max)

A six part documentary series about the Qanon conspiracy, a right-wing conspiracy that manipulates and hijacks the politics of people that follow the anonymous user known as Q.